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Clip in Ponytail Extension

Choose your colour:
Ponytail Extension Jet Black Clip in Ponytails Jet Black

Clip in Ponytail Extension in Jet Black

Ponytail Extension Natural Black Clip in Ponytails Natural Black

Clip in Ponytail Extension in Natural Black

Ponytail Extension Mocha Brown Clip in Ponytails Mocha Brown

Clip in Ponytail Extension in Mocha Brown

Ponytail Extension Dark Brown Clip in Ponytails Dark Brown

Clip in Ponytail Extension in Dark Brown

Ponytail Extension Medium Brown Clip in Ponytails Medium Brown

Clip in Ponytail Extension in Medium Brown

Ponytail Extension Light Chestnut Brown Clip in Ponytails Light Chestnut Brown

Clip in Ponytail Extension in Light Chestnut Brown

Ponytail Extension Chestnut Brown Clip in Ponytails Chestnut Brown

Clip in Ponytail Extension in Chestnut Brown

Ponytail Extension Light Golden Blonde Clip in Ponytails Light Golden Blonde

Clip in Ponytail Extension in Light Golden Blonde

Ponytail Extension #613 Bleached Blonde Clip in Ponytails #613 Bleached Blonde

Clip in Ponytail Extension in #613 Bleached Blonde

Ponytail Extension Light Blonde Clip in Ponytails Light Blonde

Clip in Ponytail Extension in Light Blonde

Ponytail Extension #60W Platinum Blonde Clip in Ponytails #60W Platinum Blonde

Clip in Ponytail Extension in #60W Platinum Blonde

Ponytail Extension T#02/04 Ombre Clip in Ponytails T#02/04 Ombre

Clip in Ponytail Extension in T#02/04 Ombre

Ponytail Extension #12/613 Brown/ Blonde Mix Clip in Ponytails #12/613 Brown/ Blonde Mix

Clip in Ponytail Extension in #12/613 Brown/ Blonde Mix

T#02-02/08 Balayage T#02-02/08 Balayage

Clip in Ponytail Extension in T#02-02/08 Balayage

Ponytail Extension T#08-08/60 Balayage Clip in Ponytails T#08-08/60 Balayage

Clip in Ponytail Extension in T#08-08/60 Balayage

Ponytail Extension T#1C-1C/04 Balayage Clip in Ponytails T#1C-1C/04 Balayage

Clip in Ponytail Extension in T#1C-1C/04 Balayage

About Clip in Ponytail Extension


Instantly turn heads with our clip in ponytails. Our human hair ponytail hair extensions are easy to apply by yourself at home and are suitable for long and short hair. All our clip in ponytails are made from the highest grade 100% Remy human hair. We don't sell any synthetic clip in ponytail extensions. Human hair ponytail extensions are a lot better in terms of how they look and feel. A human hair ponytail looks real and feels like your natural hair. They are also much more comfortable. Cheap ponytail extensions found on sites like eBay and Amazon look fake and feel like plastic. Buying ponytail extensions from Pure Hair Extensions helps guarantee that your clip in ponytail hair extensions is ethically sourced and locally distributed by a trusted business.

See Clip in Ponytail Extension in action

Frequently Asked Questions

Pure Hair Clip in ponytail extensions come with a clip that secures to your natural hair and a wrap made of hair to tie around it.

Step 1
 Make a high ponytail using your natural hair and tie it up with a hairband. You can also wear your clip in ponytail as a low pony if that is the look you are wanting to create; the following steps are the same for either look.

Step 2
 Attach the clip on the inside of the pony hair extensions to your natural ponytail. Make sure the clip is secure and tight. This is done by sliding the clip at the front under the hair ties used for your natural ponytail.

Step 3
 Use the hair wrap to wrap around the ponytail extension and insert bobby pins.

That's it, you're ready to go.

Our clip in ponytail extension offers a quick and elegant way of adding length and volume to your ponytail. The clip in ponytail extension is made from 100% AAAAA+ cuticle intact Remy human hair. Our clip in ponytails come with a Velcro base that attaches, securing the pony hair extensions in place. It features a long hair strap that wraps around the base with colour matching bobby pins for seamless blending. Sometimes you may need to use more bobby pins to help secure your pony hairpiece however, this is up to your discretion.

The first and most important benefit is the QUICK TRANSFORMATION. We all have those hair weeks where we don’t have time or can’t be bothered washing our hair. Ponytail extensions are perfect for transforming oily or greasy hair into ponytail perfection using our clip in ponytail extensions. This quick transformation benefit attracts many other benefits. For instance, it’s possible to do virtual video calls, attend impromptu Zoom meetings, and FaceTimes with your crush, all at a moment’s notice. You don’t need a hair salon appointment to have a great looking ponytail worthy of a video chat or meeting.  

 Other benefits include INSTANT CREATION OF FULLER, LONGER, AND BOUNCIER PONYTAIL ANYTIME. Typical ponytails lack that next-level vigour and bounciness because natural hair at times can’t achieve that insta hair look. Pure Hair human hair ponytail extensions are an instant solution to creating longer, thicker, and bouncier ponytails.  

 Pure Hair clip in ponytail extensions also CREATE COUNTLESS HAIRSTYLE POSSIBILITIES. Sometimes buns can look flat especially when you have thin or straight hair, adding volume and texture with our human hair ponytail extensions can level up your look. Braided ponytails can have hair poking out from the natural layering of your hair, pony hair extensions encompass your natural hair and can create a sleek braided pony. With our clip in ponytail extensions, you get instant access to a variety of ponytail styles ranging from braided ponytails to high ponytails, low ponytails, buns and so much more.

Yes! Our human hair ponytail extensions are designed to be used by everyone regardless of their hair type or texture. Even with short hair, you can attach our clip in ponytail extension. As long as your hair is long enough to tie up into a ponytail then you can use our ponytail extension.

Pure Hair ponytail extensions are sold with a comb attachment. The small attachment slides underneath the ponytail you have created with your natural hair holding the ponytail extensions securely in place. The extensions also come with a Velcro base, which clings together, securing the hair wrap in place. A long hair strand wraps around the base and attaches using bobby pins. This feature is unique to Pure Hair extensions. Our pony hairpiece is designed to be easily installed and styled.

The benefit of buying human hair ponytail extensions is that the hair will behave similarly to your natural hair. Our hair extensions are 100% Remy Human Hair which means there is not synthetic hair sewn into the product. Having real human hair ponytail hair extensions helps create a natural look when styling your ponytail hair extensions. Whereas, using synthetic ponytail extensions can result in the hair melting and not holding the desired style. When using heating tools on your real hair ponytail hair extensions we recommend using a heat protectant spray this encourages the longevity of the ponytail extensions. Another pro tip to reduce any heating damage is to start at a low heat and slowly increase the heat until you find a temperature that holds the style you are looking for. 180 degrees Celsius is a good temperature for our human hair ponytail extensions.

Yes! Provided the ponytail extension is intact and not tampered with, we’ll gladly offer a full refund for your pony hairpiece. We also accept exchanges if the clip in ponytail extension doesn’t match your preferred colour.